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Setting the path to becoming a data-driven enterprise (Part 2)

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Get Started with Hybrid Cloud Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft estimates around 40,000 customers worldwide are currently using Microsoft Dynamics GP. Not all of these customers are however ready to transition to the cloud at this point or might even be delaying their current transition plans due to existing technology lifecycle or wanting their investments in existing infrastructure to reach end-of-life. This does not, however, limit any of these customers' ability to harness the power of cloud-based reporting for on-premise solutions.

In this series, we are exploring a multitude of ways that organizations can leverage existing technologies to provide the basis for digital transformation and moving towards being a data-driven enterprise. Vendors such as Solver have been offering cloud-based financial reporting and budgeting solutions for years. Most of the corporate performance management (CPM) solution providers typically leverage more traditional architectures that require data to be loaded to the reporting tools using various tools and plugins. This batched approach essentially means that data has to be "refresh" within set intervals and does not provide a true dynamic or real-time solution.

In a recent post Solver provided key insights into the limitations of utilizing traditional on-premise report writers including Management Reporter or the GP Report Writer native to the Microsoft Dynamics GP offering. The post indicated some key weaknesses of utilizing these "default" tools:

1. The tools and report writers are not user-friendly to non-technical users

2. The user interface and professional formatting lacks finesse

3. These tools typically require Terminal Server or VPN connection to enable the connection to Microsoft Dynamics GP

Building a set of management reports could also be dependent on utilizing more than one reporting tool.

As a Solver partner, Dynaworx is able to offer Microsoft Dynamics GP users the ability to harness a true Hybrid Cloud Reporting platform that allows customers and end-users to:

  • Create beautiful, formatted reports from within your native web-browser

  • Eliminate the need to transfer data from a separate reporting database

  • Enable drill-downs into any number from transactional GP data

  • Elimite the reliance on Terminal Server and VPN

Utilise user-friendly, Excel-like forms in the cloud and have the transactions stored within your budget table in Dynamics GP.

Solver enables customers core budgeting, forecasting and planning solutions across a multitude of industries. As a trusted technology advisor, Dynaworx is able to analyze our customers' requirements and help them translate their on-premise reporting requirements to a solution that will not be limited or obsolete once the organization is ready to transition its business solutions to a cloud platform such as Azure.

The video below provides a snapshot view of the amazing capabilities available to Microsoft Dynamics GP customers as well as organization utilizing other solutions within the Microsoft Cloud Business Solutions suite (including Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations).

Want to learn more?

Schedule a complimentary solution overview with one of our specialist consultants and see how Dynaworx can help your organization set the path to becoming a data-driven enterprise.


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