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Over 4000 happy clients around the world use the Solver Suite.


Solver’s cloud suite offers modern, dynamic reporting with out-of-the-box integrations to many of the world’s most popular on-premise and cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. The easy-to-use and flexible report writer offers cloud-connected Excel report design with a modern browser-based web portal that provides finance professionals and end-users with powerful financial and operational reporting capabilities in a variety of layouts and presentation formats.

Start streamlining reporting for your business with our CPM Software.

Check out examples of our CPM software in action or learn more from our Solver Template series. Contact our team today for more information!

Solver’s report writer offers groundbreaking collaborative functionality, allowing your managers to be alerted of major discrepancies, quick access and analyze reports that reveal business issues or opportunities, and add questions or commentary directly with the reports to share new insights. Collaborate with your domestic or global managers to maximize the value of your organization’s data.

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consolidate any number of companies, automatically or manually eliminate intercompany transactions, and currency convert your data. You can also apply IFRS to GAAP adjustments and any other consolidation-related rules, including minority ownership handling and allocations.

Designed With Financial Professionals in Mind

We created Solver’s reporting features in direct response to the needs of financial professionals. Analysts, accountants and executives can all benefit from these advantages of Solver reports:


Familiar Interface

The Solver Reporting module uses a web portal interface that financial professionals intuitively know how to use. For the report design itself, we created a powerful cloud-connected Microsoft Excel add-in to provide a familiar user experience and incredibly flexible report layouts and calculations, so that you can offer your organization virtually any type of Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement or operational report without the need for the typical manual manipulation in a spreadsheet, like most organizations still do every week and month.

Scaleable Features


Tools such as ad-hoc reporting and custom templates let you adjust Solver’s capabilities to your needs. Solver will help you take care of less complicated tasks while giving you control over in-depth reports.

Cloud Financial Consolidation Software Solution

Get the financial insight your company needs. Solver Reporting solves common issues that financial professionals face with these benefits:

  • Consolidate Subsidiary Data to Divisional and Parent Company – Using built-in organizational trees you can dynamically consolidate reports across unlimited roll-up structures without hard-coding subsidiaries in your summary reports.

  • Operational and Financial Reporting in One Suite- Work across departments seamlessly with Solver’s comprehensive features. It manages operational and financial reports, so you can use the same program throughout your staff to analyze and report on business data.

  • Objective and Automated KPI Tracking- Formula-based, custom KPIs empower you to track your team’s financial performance according to your business goals.

  • Use the Financial Consolidation Software Anywhere With an Internet Connection- Access Solver’s web-based interface from any device that can connect to the internet. Solver’s cloud design makes it simple to get work done where your business demands it.

Using Financial Reporting and Consolidation to Make Informed Business Decisions

With financial reports and consolidation features, you can transform the way you manage your company’s finances.

These aspects of Solver Reporting enhance your workflow to help you inform your business strategy:

  • Customizable and Powerful Reporting
    Define impactful reports based on custom data modules in Solver’s data warehouse to get complete control over your financial reports and underlying sub-ledger detail. Track the variables involved in your company’s performance to gain critical insights into your revenue.

  • Understand the Intersection of Finance and Performance
    Since Solver handles financial and operational data, it enables you to see how these two elements impact each other. Historical reports and forward-looking forecasts allow you to develop a smart business plan that takes all important factors into account.

Enjoy user-focused reporting features such as:

Excel Design, Web Delivery: Create reports using a modern Excel add-in and deliver them as on-demand reports in a flexible cloud-based web portal application.


Template and User-Defined Reports: Choose from our wide range of templates, or create a report from scratch with custom parameters.


Financial Statements, Operational Reports and More: Generate the documents you need for parameter-based, automated financial and operational reporting.


Workflow for Month End Close and Consolidations: Automate your workflow in Solver’s Reporting software for financial consolidations and frequent tasks.


Report Books and Archive MS Office Documents: Export presentation-quality reports into Microsoft PowerPoint and Word documents without the need for manual manipulation.


Allocations: Use features across the Solver Suite to predict and create monthly or budget allocations for P&L’s and cost control at the department-, customer- or product level.


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Currency Conversion: Create daily or monthly rates for currency conversion to present your reports in any currency, including side-by-side currency comparisons and results of budget-to-actual exchange rate effects.


Unlimited Organizational Trees: Make as many organizational trees as you need to view and analyze your data clearly for statutory and management consolidations.


Automatic and Manual Eliminations: Perform eliminations automatically and manually in user-friendly input forms to save time while maintaining an accurate idea of your results, both pre-and post-eliminations.


IFRS/GAAP and Other Consolidation Adjustments: Adjust your data with full audit trail throughout the consolidation process to meet standards such as GAAP and IFRS.


Fully Integrated With Solver Suite: Work across Solver Reporting, Budgeting, Dashboards and Data Warehouse with ease.


Ad Hoc Reporting: Self-service tools that answer important business questions instantly. Whenever new questions arise or additional detail is needed, users can create an on-the-fly ad hoc report, without having to rely on other teams for assistance. Extremely easy to learn.

Your power-users can design virtually any type of report using Solver’s cloud connected, market-leading Excel add-in to create the report templates. The result is dynamic, parameter-driven reports that executives and department heads can run on-demand in Solver’s web portal at anytime and from anywhere with just an internet connection and a web-browser. You can eliminate manual report exports and formatting in spreadsheets and move to a modern, automated reporting process. Users can refresh reports on-demand and drill down to detail, answering their own questions without needing to contact the accounting department for answers.


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