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Everything You Need to Know About Upgrading from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central

At Dynaworx, we’ve successfully managed a lot of upgrades and understand the questions that arise when planning an upgrade. Here, we address the most common queries related to implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Q1. Why is it important to upgrade from Dynamics NAV to Business Central?

While Microsoft Dynamics NAV is highly customizable, it also comes with limitations. Here are five compelling reasons to upgrade:

  • Modern Features: Business Central is the latest version of Dynamics NAV, offering cutting-edge features and functionalities necessary for today’s business environment.

  • Cost Efficiency: Compared to older versions, Dynamics 365 Business Central is more cost-effective and requires less effort to maintain.

  • Cloud-Based: Business Central is a cloud application, providing real-time insights and seamless information sharing across teams.

  • Mobile Accessibility: Employees can work anytime, anywhere with mobile integration, a crucial feature in the post-pandemic era.

  • Business Growth: Implementing Business Central can significantly enhance your business performance, driving growth and efficiency.

Q2. How is Dynamics NAV different from Business Central?

Dynamics NAV is an earlier version of Business Central, lacking many modern tools and features. Key differences include:

  • Cloud Integration: Business Central is a cloud-based solution, but it also offers on-premises deployment for flexibility.

  • Seamless Integrations: It integrates easily with Office 365 apps, Power BI, and more.

  • Enhanced Search: The latest version features improved search capabilities for better accuracy.

  • Automated Upgrades: Upgrades in Business Central are automated, saving time and reducing costs.

Q3. Do I need to pay extra to upgrade to the latest version of Dynamics NAV?

No, Dynamics 365 Business Central is the latest iteration of Dynamics NAV. If you have an active enhancement plan, you’re covered. Business Central also offers three named users for every one concurrent user from NAV, with the option to purchase additional users as needed.

Q4. Is it mandatory to move to the cloud?

No, it’s not mandatory. Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions offer flexibility, allowing you to choose between cloud and on-premises deployments based on your preference.

Q5. Can customizations in Dynamics NAV be retained post-upgrade?

Yes, customizations can be retained if you stay on-premises with Business Central. During the upgrade, you can review and decide which customizations are still necessary and compatible with the new system.

Q6. How do integrations work with Business Central?

Business Central integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft Office 365 suite and other Microsoft products like Power BI and PowerApps, enabling your employees to streamline their tasks and enhance productivity.

Q7. What are the capabilities of Business Central?

Powered by AI and Azure Technology, Business Central offers:

  • Remote business management

  • Language barrier elimination

  • Smart financial forecasting and budgeting

  • Comprehensive financial performance tracking

  • Holistic inventory management

  • Interactive supplier engagement

  • Enhanced lead and sales data management

  • Accelerated sales processes

  • Timely project delivery within budget

  • Streamlined warehouse operations

  • Customizable workflows

Q8. What subscription plans are available for Business Central?

Microsoft offers four paid licenses: Essential, Premium, Team Member, and External Accountant. Each license has different features, so choose the one that best fits your business needs.

Q9. Is Dual-User Right available with Business Central?

Yes, dual-use rights are available if you opt for a cloud subscription through CSP.

Q10. Are there discounts for existing Dynamics NAV users upgrading to Business Central?

Existing customers upgrading to Business Central by June 30, 2021, can receive a 70% discount if they maintain their enhancement plan. Without an enhancement plan, the discount is 40%.


Implementing a new ERP system can be daunting, but Dynaworx is here to help. As experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partners, we make the implementation and migration process straightforward and efficient.

For more information on upgrading from Dynamics NAV to Business Central, contact us today at Dynaworx.

Ready to upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central? Contact Dynaworx today to schedule a free consultation and see how we can make your transition smooth and successful. Contact us


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