As your business grows into an enterprise, you need better ways of managing all its moving parts. You need real-time access to your financial and operational data, with built-in business analytics to track performance. You need reporting that’s fast and centralised, funnelling data from all your divisions into a single version of the truth that you can act on. It must be integrated, accurate, and give you the insights you need to make your next move.

We Are Corporate Performance Management Experts

With More Than 13 Years Experience.

Our solution experts provide dynamic, cloud-based solutions designed to enhance business processes, automation and reporting insights...

What can we help you solve today?

Dynaworx provides skilled resources and acclaimed solutions to assist your business in it’s growth journey.  Our products include Solver, Corporate Performance Management, to assist you with all your data analytics and reporting requirements, Microsoft Dynamics GP for all your ERP needs and an experienced team of consultants to assist, advice and guide you through any implementation.








Consulting- and Analysis Services

Consisting of solution consultants, business and process analysts as well as project managers, our team has deep solutions and banking understanding and project experience.  The team consists of highly qualified analysts from accounting to engineers.  We will drive and add value to any solution implementation across various industries


Enterprise Resource Planning

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. With Dynamics GP, businesses are able to enforce consistent business processes and improve corporate governance. 

Gain greater control over your financials and operations.  “Move to Dynamics GP”


Corporate Performance Management

Data is the new gold.  The Solver Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution can provide you with complete insight into your data, from financial and operational reporting and analysis to budgets, planning and forecasting.  Solver enables you to make better decisions faster with drill down abilities as well as multiple additional analytical functionalities to assist you in your understanding of your data.


Training and Support

The team of highly skilled solution consultants will guide your team of champions through any implementation to independent, skilled users.  On-going training and support ensures you get the maximum benefits from your software from implementation throughout its life cycle.

About Us

Dynaworx is a trusted Microsoft Dynamics and Solver Partner and provides a range of services and solutions to enable your business to grow and thrive.

We offer our customers:

  • Expert Consultants and Project Managers

  • A tried and tested Implementation Methodology

  • Ongoing Support and Training Offerings

Our solutions are tailored to the unique requirements of growing enterprises and multi-nationals

Need a solution to fit your budget?



Tried and tested financial management, accounting and Corporate Performance Management solutions for banking.



Reduce risks, improve performance and enhance operational efficiencies with a suite of trusted solutions from Dynaworx and Solver.


Hospitality and Entertainment

Transform your hospitality and entertainment business with an intuitive suite of offerings designed to help you create the ultimate guest experience.



Manufacturing and Distribution

Improve supply chain efficiencies and gain insights into operational risks and blockages. Gain the competitive edge with supply chain performance solutions.


Professional Services

Create a profitable balance between services and delivery with an intuitive, project driven financial- and performance management solutions from Dynaworx.


Wholesale and Retail

Improve wholesale and retail operations by supplying your operators with the right information at the right time. Improve supply chain performance and reduce stock outages with clear insights.