As your business grows into an enterprise, you need better ways of managing all its moving parts. You need real-time access to your financial and operational data, with built-in business analytics to track performance. You need reporting that’s fast and centralised, funnelling data from all your divisions into a single version of the truth that you can act on. It must be integrated, accurate, and give you the insights you need to make your next move.

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Company value proposition introduction aligned to a strong call to action to book an introductory meeting (recommend an online appointment management offering) which makes it easy for individuals to request 30-minute online intros (solution evaluators) or request an on-site appointment with a Sales Professional (for BDMs and TDMs).

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Quick intro and call to action to drive new leads and prospects to "Is CPM right for me" type articles and "What to look for" and/or "How to Select". Links to CPM and Solver content 

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Intro to available consulting and analysis services here (could also include "Get Started Guidance") with a clear call to action for those starting out with CPM solutions.

Intro to ERP solution overview with a reference to Microsoft Dynamics GP and its core functional areas. Suggested content to could include "Move to GP" or "Roadmap/Upgrade Path" content.

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