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A combination of automated budgeting and forecasting capabilities gives business leaders a comprehensive planning tool for future investments, cost control, reporting and analysis.

A modern budgeting solution not only provides process automation, time savings and more accuracy, but it also helps manage your financial expectations for future periods. The latest forecasting technology allows you to estimate your financial outcomes based on past data on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. These aspects of financial planning provide critical insights and competitive advantages for your company.

With the budgeting module in the Solver CPM Software Suite, you can manage budgets all in one place, create detailed reports and automate financial forecasts while presenting them in visual graphs and dashboards that you can share with the team.

These features integrate with the rest of Solver’s solution to reimagine the way you manage your company’s finances.

Check out examples of our CPM software in action or learn more from our Solver Template seriesContact us today about how our software can transform your business.


Support your organization’s planning processes through robust features like:

  • Excel design, web delivery: Solver delivers input form design in a familiar cloud-connected Excel interface, while users enter data through a scalable and versatile web portal.


  • Automatic budget spreading: Spread a budget value over the period you choose, including quarterly or seasonal trends.


  • Complete budgeting and forecasting workflow: Design an automatic budgeting and forecasting workflow that passes tasks between your staff members smoothly.


  • Unlimited budget versions: Create as many versions of a budget that you need to get an accurate idea of your financial future.


  • Templates and user-defined input forms: Start with one of our predefined budget templates or create tailored input forms for faster finance planning


Budget in any area and at any level of detail: Add as many or as few details as you need to create the ideal budget for your organization.

Input budgets for multiple years, months, weeks or days: When you need to develop repeat budgets, Solver will let you input them for more than one year, month, week or day.

What-if analysis and modeling: Through what-if analysis and modeling features, you can test how changes in a value will impact the rest of your finances.

Allocations: Define allocations for critical spending areas to improve your ability to stay within budget.

Text comments: Clarify your budget workflows, predictions and changes with text comments.

Complete integration with the Solver suite: Solver’s budgeting and forecasting module integrates with its reporting, dashboard and data warehouse modules.

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